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Audio Equipment for Hire


L-Acoustics dv-dosc

L-Acoustics dv-Sub

L-Acoustics SB-218

HK Projector

Wave 2x15”+2”

Wave 2x12”+2”

Wave Sub 2x18”


Nexo PS-15

HK CT-115

EAW SM-260


XTA DP-446

XTA DP-226

XTA DP-224

EV DX-38

DBX DriveRack 260

DBX DriveRack PA

Nexo PS-15TD

In Ear Systems

Aviom A-16II

Shure P4HW Beltpack

Behringer P16-M

Shure E5

Westone UM-2

Sennheiser EW-300 G3

Sennheiser EW- G4

LD Systems Wireless In Ear


L-Acoustics LA-48a

L-Acoustics LA-24a

L-Acoustics LA-17a

Lab Gruppen FP-3400

MC2 E-475

Crest CA-6

Zeck PT-9

 Audio Mixers

Digidesign D-Show Profile Mix Rack

Yamaha M7CL-48

Allen & Heath ML-5000 48ch

Allen & Heath GL-4000 40ch

Midas Verona 48ch

Soundcraft MH-2 40ch

Behringer X32

Behringer X32 Producer

Soundcraft spirit Live 24ch

Behringer XR18

Dynacord PM-1000-2



DBX 2231

Compressor - Gates


DBX 1066

DBX 1074



Lexicon PCM-91

Lexicon MPX-1

Lexicon MPX-500

TC M-3000

TC M-2000

TC M-one


DI Boxes - Splitters

Radial J-48 Active

Radial Pro-48 Active

Radial JDI Passive

Radial Pro-D2 Passive

BSS AR-133 Active

Radial Splitter 48ch

XTA DS8000/D


AKG D-112

AKG C-1000

AKG C-451

AKG C-535

AKG C-568B

Audix D6

Shure Beta 58

Shure Beta 57

Shure SM-58

Shure  SM-57

Shure Beta 91

Shure Beta 52

Sennheiser E604


Wireless Microphones

Shure ULXD BETA 58

Shure QLXD BETA 58

Shure SLX BETA-58

Shure BLX BETA-58

Sennheiser XW-52 Head mic

AKG Wireless Pack

Multi Cables

Belden 40m 40+8 FOH+Stage Passive

Belden 50m 24ch

Peavey  24+8 30m

Peavey  24+4  30m

Peavey  16+4  30m

We also have:

Stage Platforms at the height you wish.

Led Displays, Video Projector, Projection Screens. Led TVs.