Used Moving Head Geni OBY 3 250W

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Used Moving Head Geni OBY-3 250W

The OBY-3 has been built with precision engineering and high quality components ensuring high lumen output and smooth colour and gobo change. The OBY-3 features 3-prism rotation, strobe effects, replaceable rotating gobos, and more. Smooth and silent, with supreme reliabilty.


11 Sharp dichroic colours & open 
6 rotating gobos & open which are easily replaceable 
Rotating 3-facet prism 
1-12 fps fast flashing and 0-100% linear dimmer 
Simultaneous shutter and dimmer operation 
Remote-controlled focus 
Remote-controlled lamp switch On/Off 
Smooth and silent revolving of a big range of 570° in X-axis and 270° in Y-axis 
Automatic electronic sensor to zero 
Lightweight, high impact resistant polymer shell 
Solid square base for free standing use or can be truss mounted 
Systematic modular construction to enable easy access for repair 
Sophisticated optical system gives a sharp, bright output 
High-torque stepper motors, smooth and precise micro-stepping control 
LED screen controls DMX coding and built-in function selection, this also displays lamp time usage 
180° reverse setting on display panel to allow reading when unit is mounted upside-down 
LED DMX signal detector on control panel for simple DMX set-up 
Branded 250W discharge lamp included

Power supply 230Vac, 50Hz (400W)
Lamp HSD 90V, 250W
DMX channels 13
Replacement lamp 159.375
Head movement:Pan 570°
Head movement:Tilt 270°
No. of colours 11 dichroic & open
No. of gobos 6 (Replaceable)+ open
Gobo diameter 31mm
Gobo image diameter 25mm
Dimensions 400 x 380 x 540mm
Weight 24kg

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