Used Line Voltage PL-02 Gemini 19" Rack Mount

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Gemini PL-02
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Gemini PL02 Light Module & Power Conditioner w/Three Digit Numeric Blue LED Display 

"The Fast Acting Suppression Circuit Responds Quickly, Clamping Spikes & Surges to Safe Levels. The Filter Works to Prevent Noise From Electronic Motors, Florescent Lights, & Other Similar Sources From Leaking From the AC Line Into the Audio."

Light Module & Power Conditioner
Streamlined Design

Three Digit Numeric LED Display, 110V (90V-130V) / 220V (90V-220V)

HF/RF Interference Filter

Dual Slide Out Rack Lights

Power Surge Protection Circuitry

Handles up to 8 AC Outlets {available in 110V & 220V}

On/Off Switch for Dimmer Control Knob

15 Amp Overload Protection Switch on Front Panel

Master Power Switch

Lights Power Switch

Rack Mountable (1U)

220V Units have IEC Inputs

Unit Dimensions: W 19" x H 1.75" x D 6.5" (483 x 45 x 229 mm)

Weight: 6 lbs (3 kg), Shipping Weight: 7.6 lbs (3.4 kg)

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