Used Κονσόλα Ήχου Allen & Heath GL-4000 40ch + Flight Case

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Used Mixer Allen & Heath GL-4000 40 channels

This mixer looks, feels and performs like a true workhorse. Like its siblings in the GL range, we built GL4000 to be equally at home in the front-of-house position or in monitor land. We also packed in a really serious set of live recording tools (someone always wants a tape of the show don’t they?).

Although we’ve certainly been generous with the feature set, we were determined to make GL4000 really simple to use, so anyone with reasonable mixing skills should be able to use one to run a world-class show with a bit of practice. Our efforts have been rewarded by the sight of so many GL4000s succeeding in high-profile roles where you’d normally expect to find something costing 10 times more.


GL4000 main image

The price include flight case

Allen-Heath GL-4000 manual (GL4000-USER-GUIDE-AP2642_3.pdf, 2,327 Kb) [Λήψη]

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