Used Equaliser 2x30 band Alter EQ-230

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Altair EQ-230
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Used Equaliser 2x30 band Alter EQ-230

Γραφικός Ισοσταθμιστής 2x30 stereo ή dual με κύκλωμα μείωσης θορύβου και κύκλωμα antifeedback με ενδεικτικά led σε κάθε συχνότητα. Input XLR (20KΩ), Output XLR (100KΩ).

Made in Spain

The EQ 230 is a powerful machine, loved by professional audio engineers due to its versatility, reliability and sound quality.This Constant Q graphic equalizer features special functions such as the selection of the equalization range or the selective illumination of the faders, as well as improved specifications (increased dynamic range and top quality filters).

The unit combines two 30-bands single-channel graphic equalizers, two fully parametric equalization points and a feedback finder system (FFS). Unlike other automatic feedback destruction systems, the FFS is a simple feedback finder which helps the operator identify the "troubleing" frecuencies so that he can manually eliminate feedbacks while monitoring, evaluating at the same time the overall effect produced by the equalization on the signal.


  • BALANCED: Equipped with electronically balanced input and output circuits for noise inmmunity in long cabling set-ups.
  • CONSTANT Q: The constant Q topology assures minimum interaction between bands and makes the bandwidth of each filter independent of the garnlattenuation setting.
  • RANGE: Global selection of the range of gainlattenuation of each band for a more precise adjustment.Front panel indication by double LED.
  • FFS: Feedback finder system. A microprocessor associated to each channel scans the whole spectrum in order to detect and display possible feedbacks. Direct LED indicator on each fader.
  • PARAMETRIC: Incorporates a totally parametric equalization point on each channel. The range is asymmetric (± 15 dB-30 dB) allowing notch filter adjustments.
  • LOW NOISE: The use of very low noise circuits and other techniques permit achieving an exceptional dinamic range.
  • AUTO-BYPASS: Incorporates secure by-pass circuits controlled by relay to eliminate on/off switchs transients and for signal integrity in case of intemal failures.
  • HIGH-PASS FILTER: Cpmntinuous variable high-pass filter (10-300Hz) to delimit bandwith

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