Used Mixer Soundcraft MH2 40ch + 4 Stereo include Flight Case

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Used Mixer Soundcraft MH2 40ch + 4 Stereo include Flight Case in excellent contition


  • Frame sizes: 40+4
  • Styling based closely on MH3/4, with a single-piece front panel
  • MH3/4 mic amp design with 50dB range plus -20dB level shift and separate 1/4" Line input
  • Swept high-pass filter and 4-band EQ (all bands swept)
  • 10 Auxes, of which 2 can be switched to create 1 x stereo send
  • Pre/post fader switching in pairs (except 5-8 as one block of 4)
  • 8 full-time Group busses with paired routing
  • LCR panning on inputs-mix
  • 8 VCAs and 6 Mute Groups
  • 4 Stereo Input channels with mic/line capability
  • 4 stereo line returns with 3-band fixed EQ, returns can route to output channels
  • 11x4 Matrix built-in
  • 10 x linear 60mm output faders, plus 8 rotary output faders with SWAP facility to allow linear faders to control either all 10 Auxes or 8 Grps and 2 Auxes
  • Inserts on Groups and Mix outputs (Group insert moves between Grp & Aux)
  • 12-segment Input and Output metering
  • Central assignment of VCA Groups, with individual LED displays per channel

In excellent contition

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